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Also consider critical illness cover. Critical illness cover is a long-term insurance policy that's designed to pay you a lump sum on diagnosis of a varied range of seriously incapacitating or life threatening conditions such as loss of limbs, heart attack, stroke, cancer, blindness and many more.

You can use the payout for anything you wish including medical treatment or to pay off your mortgage.

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Would you prefer to receive life insurance quotes for a specified amount of cover where we work out the cost of the monthly premium?

For instance, if you type in £150,000 we will tell you what your monthly premium would be.

Please give an approximation if unsure at this time, it won't be a problem changing the amount at a later date.
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Would you like to receive a personal quote based on how much life insurance cover you will get for a specified monthly premium? i.e. how much can you afford to pay each month?

For instance, if you type in £100, we will tell you what your amount of life cover would be.

Please give an approximation if unsure at this time, it won't be a problem changing the amount at a later date.
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Compare life cover quotes to insure more than one person Do you require life insurance for your partner?

Joint life insurance policies are available to buy, but you might like to consider buying two single life insurance policies as an alternative. With two single life insurance policies, if both policy holders die together, both of the policies pay out. Only one payout would occur with just one joint policy.

Buying this double life insurance can provide a valuable additional payout to support surviving family members.

Also, two separate life insurance policies are more often suited in the case of policies that include critical illness cover. This is because if one policyholder is diagnosed with a covered illness, the other will not want their cover to be lost. This would happen with a joint life policy.
We also encourage you to check out critical illness cover Compare critical illness cover

You can protect your lifestyle by buying critical illness insurance. Everyone knows about protecting yourself or your mortgage with life insurance should the worst happen, but suffering a critical illness can have a similar impact on your family.

Critical illness cover pays out a lump sum if you're diagnosed with any of a range of serious conditions. These include heart disease, strokes, cancer and multiple sclerosis. The number of conditions can vary and will affect the premium paid.
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protect your family Your family's life shouldn't stop just because you're no longer around. Start here to make your search for life insurance much easier!buy-life-insurance-online

There are three questions to you need to ask yourself:

If, like many others, you're unsure about all three, then you're definitely at the right site!

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Why should I?... It'll save you lots of time and effort and could save you quite a bit of money in the process. Crucially, your loved ones will receive a lump sum when the inevitable happens.

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